YJA Convention 2016

Jai Jinendra,

Growing up, nothing was more routine than attending pathshala every other Sunday and connecting with my Jain peers at the Jain Center of Connecticut. I enjoyed learning about important Jain principles and participating in the annual Mahavir Jayanti program. When Young Jains of America (YJA) hosted the convention in Connecticut in 2006, I got the opportunity to be a volunteer and hear from inspirational speakers who deepened my interest in Jainism. From that point forward, I was certain I wanted to be more involved with JCCT and YJA for as long as possible because the memories formed by networking with other Jains are ones I will forever cherish.

I am happy to have continued my work in the Jain community for the past two years through YJA. As the Director of Events and a Co-Lead for the Adult Volunteer Committee, I am thrilled to be spreading the Jain way of life among our youth and organize our biennial convention in LA this summer. As incredible as it is to host the convention on the West coast after 16 years, it is also quite costly to hold it during the Fourth of July weekend. 

Any contribution the Jain Center of Connecticut makes will assist us in bringing together young Jains from all around the world in an effort to spread the message of Jainism and provide a network to our fellow Jains. We will be using your donation to bring in inspirational speakers from across the globe, lodge the hundreds of attendees, and of course, provide Jain-friendly food items for everyone. In 2014, the sangh's $501 donation was instrumental in making the 2014 Convention in DC one of the best ones we've ever had! 

Please feel free to read the attached fundraising packet, which includes information about donors levels as well as the 2016 Convention itself. All donations can be tax deductible and on making a contribution, please let me know because YJA loves to recognize all of its generous benefactors!

Fundraising Packet link  Click here

If you have any questions about our organization or the convention, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or cell phone at (857) 225-2093. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail as well as considering to make a donation to the 2016 YJA Convention.

Thank you in advance for any type of contribution you can make. 

Best regards,
Tina Lapsia
Director of Events, 2015-2016
Adult Volunteer Committee Co-Lead, 2015-2016
Northeast Regional Coordinator, 2014-2015
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